Add-A-Form The easiest way to add Surveys, Polls, Questionnaires and other Feedback Forms to Your Web Site.

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Add-A-Form® is a service that eliminates the drudgery of building forms by hand. . . and it's free!

You can use the Add-A-Form® Web site to create your own form. . . without any HTML or CGI knowledge.

What is a form?

A form is a any page on a Web site that allows a person to answer questions by filling in the blanks or answering multiple choice and other kinds of questions. When a person fills out a form on a Web site, the data entered into the form is sent to the server for processing. The results can be tallied (as in this FREE version), or e-mailed to a specific e-mail address or stored as raw data an imported into a spreadsheet or database for analysis (as in the PROFESSIONAL version).

Web sites can use forms for:

  • Surveys
  • Guest Books
  • Questionnaires
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Registration forms
  • E-commerce/Product order forms
  • and more...

What are some of the features of Add-A-Form®?

Add-A-Form® supports all of the different types of fields:

Add-A-Form® also provides features such as: All we ask is that you include a credit to Add-A-Form® at the bottom of the survey.

Add-A-Form® is free for the basic version with additional features available in the professional version.

For additional information, please contact Add-A-Form

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